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APMP’s Capture Practitioner certification is designed for industry professionals who specialise in capture, business development, opportunity management and pursuit. If you’re in sales, business development, or a bid or proposal specialist who gets involved in the early stages of the pursuit, then this is the qualification for you!

Topics covered include:

An overview of the APMP certification programme, and how the Capture Practitioner exam works.

Opportunity and capture plan development and scheduling - developing and maintaining a structured and dynamic plan across your business.

Team selection and management - how to ensure you have the right team aligned, senior leadership engagement and buy-in and clear objectives for everyone involved.

Strategy and tactics - reviewing topics such as customer’s buying cycles, value propositions, teaming, winning strategies and handling objections.

Reviews and gate decision management - how to smoothly navigate and lead decision-makers and contributors through multiple gate decisions and reviews.


Pricing to win - customer and competitor analysis and the fine balance of value versus cost.

How to prepare and present compelling and persuasive content.

Negotiation techniques for generating a successful win-win outcome.

Self-leadership, leading others and stakeholder management - we’ll cover communication skills including leadership, delegation, teamwork and conflict management.

You must be a member of APMP to take the exam.


Online course dates


Face-to-face course dates


About the certification

The APMP Capture Practitioner assesses the knowledge and skills that demonstrate proficiency in proposal and bid management based on the APMP Competency Framework and Syllabus. 


How you will be tested

Capture Practitioner is a two-and-a-half-hour, online objective testing exam to assess whether candidates can apply best practice to a set of complex questions about a given scenario.



Outstanding feedback

We've had incredibly positive feedback on our courses since we started running them in 2020. So, join us to learn more about capture and gain this very relevant and useful certification.


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