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New free tool for BSI PAS 360!

Strategic Proposals' free online tool will let you assess how you measure up against this new code, and to identify improvement opportunities.

We were interested to read the first release of the new BSI "PAS 360" code of practice for bid and proposal management, launched last week. It's already provoked a lot of debate in the profession - and some confusion: it's important to note that this isn't a "standard" that leads to a certificate or kitemark!

We've been using benchmarking for over 30 years as a starting point to help clients build or optimise bid and proposal capabilities - and hence transform win rates. So we welcome any new publicly available models that help the profession.

A good PAS could offer another option alongside trusted, longer-standing tools and methodologies such as the BD-CMM and our own Proposal Benchmarker. Indeed, as they all serve slightly different purposes, it's not inconceivable that organisations might use more than one and then compare notes!

APMP has funded work on the PAS, and we're naturally keen to support the association. We also stand willing to constructively contribute our feedback when appropriate as they (hopefully!) refine this first version.

To encourage people to make use of it and benefit from APMP's investment, we built a self-assessment tool over the summer - with the agreement of BSI (who hold the copyright). We've now populated that with the content released last week. It's another example of SP investing to "give back" to the profession.

It's free - as with our other online benchmarking tools. It'll take you about an hour to see how you fare against the good practices recommended in this initial version of the code. . You'll get a link to your results with all your answers and summary data, that you can use to drive debate internally about potential improvement activities. (We'll even be happy to follow up with a call to offer our perspectives on your assessment findings, if that'd be useful.)

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