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Time for you to get in on the Act!


The new Procurement Act is on the horizon and our new workshop is exactly what you need to get ready.

Get ready for the Procurement Act

Change is a-coming, and you need to be ready for it if your business supplies goods, works or services to organisations in the public and utility sectors.

The new Procurement Act is a good thing for everyone, and will be particularly beneficial to start-ups and small businesses. In fact, it's designed to help both buyers AND suppliers, so a win-win as far as we're concerned. Greater flexibility, simpler, lower costs. What's not to like?

Our new Procurement Act readiness workshop is essential if you want to bid for public contracts in the UK and stay ahead of the competition. It's designed to help you understand and prepare for the new regime - informing you of the main principles, identifying the key changes, and assessing the impact on your bidding timelines and ways of working.

Read below for details:

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