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Pitch and bid presentations

insights and knowledge

When it comes to pitches or bid presentations,

the bar is constantly being raised. Evaluators – be they procurement or business stakeholders – are more sophisticated and expect more.

Why do buyers ask bidders to pitch in person? They’ve read the proposal after all. It’s because they want to see the key people in action. Do they like you? Do they trust you? Do you work as a team? Do you have a clear story of value? Are there any red flags?

And they want to stress-test your proposal by asking challenging questions. 

Sohow do bidders respond to this challenge? Well,  from our experience, too many still spend days focused on a death-by-PowerPoint experience that fails to address these key needs.


Where do we come in?


We’ve put together a comprehensive methodology that harnesses the best current knowledge from disciplines ranging from neuropsychology and buyer behaviour to storytelling and film and documentary making.

We can help you:

get organised by planning and preparing for your pitch

develop a compelling story by sharpening your message

write your script using the power of persuasion

rehearse your presentation using the latest charisma techniques

create impressive materials from animated slides to video.



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