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Capture management services


Positioning to win through our capture management services

Your path to maximising your chances of winning through the SP Way

insights and knowledge

Winning large, complex bids hinges on capture management — the strategic orchestration of relationships, insights and resources. Explore how we can help you perfect this art.

A large, complex bid is like scaling a formidable mountain. You need meticulous planning, the right equipment (resources), a skilled team, and a well-defined route (strategy) to reach the summit (winning the contract). Along the way, you'll encounter unforeseen obstacles (challenges and competitors), making it a demanding but rewarding journey when you finally conquer it.

insights and knowledge

The SP Way provides you with the tools you need for such an epic journey.

Our services focus on this proven tool – either working on it with you on a specific opportunity, or building your own version of it and training your team on how to use it. Either way it helps you to avoid some of the key challenges:

Capture management planning with ticks at the end of each path

Intense competition:
High-stake bids attract numerous competitors. Navigating this competitive landscape requires a robust strategy and contact plan.

Limited resources:
Allocating the necessary resources, both in terms of time and personnel, isn't easy.

Unclear client expectations:
Understanding and accurately anticipating the client's needs, preferences, and decision-making criteria can be challenging.

Long sales cycles:
Large contracts typically involve extended sales cycles, often spanning several months or even years. Maintaining momentum and focus throughout this protracted period can be demanding and may strain available resources.

Our services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including expert capture management support, plus tailored, immersive training, and coaching for individuals wishing to attain the prestigious APMP Capture Practitioner certification. These are all designed to empower your teams to secure complex, high-value contracts with confidence.


Capture management support

Tailored support across the lifecycle of the pre-bid phase, including workshops to help shape your initial strategy, kick start active qualification, identify stakeholders, develop client contact plans, initiate solutioning and price to win, through to pre-proposal planning.


Training services

A series of training courses designed for a range of capture needs:

Capturing the deal: a one-day session that equips participants with practical tools to identify strategies and tactics to understand and influence the client throughout the capture process, thus maximising your win probability.

Capture tactics: a half-day session where we offer ideas on how to deliver proven tactics, so your desired outcomes are achieved. We'll also share templates and tools, along with a useful handout, to help delegates build their own tactics on their current or next deals.

Renewal proposals: incumbent suppliers should be in pole position to retain business when their contract comes up for renewal – yet too many sit back and wait for an RFP to arrive. Over a one-day course, we’ll explore a best practice, proactive approach to retaining business – including, where appropriate, the use of renewal proposals to avoid competitive tendering.

Capture planning masterclass: a two-day face-to-face or online immersive course that helps your teams put capture theory to the test using a realistic scenario developed specifically for your organisation.


APMP Capture Practitioner training and certification

APMP’s Capture Practitioner certification is designed for industry professionals who specialise in capture, business development, opportunity management and pursuit. If you’re in sales, business development, or a bid or proposal specialist who gets involved in the early stages of the pursuit, then this is the qualification for you!

We run on-house courses for teams and also public courses for individuals.

More details on our capture practitioner certification readiness course can be found in our training guide here.


Capture management process implementation

We provide benchmarking and consultancy services to help your organisation to implement the SP Way effectively, including expert consultation, customised training programs, and ongoing support. We'll guide your team through the entire SP Way journey, from initial assessment and tailored strategy development to skills training and ongoing support. Our goal is to empower your organisation to achieve success in the competitive world of large, complex bids, all while aligning with the SP Way's best practices and winning strategies.


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